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Central Indiana Invitational Fun Show Tournaments

Four Willows, Select, and Trinity have combined efforts to offer a Fun Show Invitational series.  Come join us for four great schooling shows!  Academy riders, lesson students, 4-H'ers and do-it-yourselfers - Everyone is welcome!

Rules and Guidelines

All horses must be accompanied by a negative Coggins.  Due to limited warm-up space, a 2 minute warm-up prior to the start of every class will be permitted.  Warm-up prior to the start of the show will be permitted at the discretion of the hosting barns.


Stalls are $25 each.  Classes are $20 each.  There will be ribbons and trophies awarded for each class with High Point awards on October 1st. Trailer tying, $15 per horse.


Riders should wear attire appropriate for the seat they are showing, and present a neat, professional appearance.  Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets.

Timeline/Dates of Tournament: 

One week before each show, please call the contact number of the hosting farm to reserve stalls.  Trailer tying is $15 per horse and will permitted only in designated areas.

The tournaments will begin at 11:00 AM and will run through without an intermission.  

Class List

(All seats eligible to show in any class)

  1. 18 and over WTC horsemanship

  2. 14-17 WTC horsemanship

  3. 11-13 WTC horsemanship

  4. 10 and under WTC horsemanship

  5. 18 and over WTC equitation

  6. 14-17 WTC equitation

  7. 11-13 WTC equitation

  8. WTC Pattern Class - all ages

  9. 10 and under WTC equitation

  10. Walk-Trot Poles - 12 and up

  11. Walk-Trot Keyhole - 12 and up

  12. Walk-Trot Poles - 11 and under

  13. Walk-Trot Keyhole - 11 and under

  14. 18 and Over WT horsemanship

  15. Ages 10 & Under WT lead line class

  16. Ages 14-17 WT horsemanship

  17. Ages 11-13 WT horsemanship

  18. Ages 9-10 WT horsemanship

  19. Ages 8 and Under WT Horsemanship

  20. 18 and Over WT Equitation

  21. Ages 10 & Under WT lead line pattern class

  22. Ages 14-17 WT equitation

  23. Ages 11-13 WT equitation

  24. Ages 9-10 WT equitation

  25. Ages 8 and Under WT equitation

  26. WT Pattern Class - all ages

If classes are larger than 6, we will split into A and B sections; if splits are needed to allow horses to work for multiple riders, or to accommodate beginner and experienced riders, we will split into A and B sections.  COME JOIN THE FUN!

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